Flagler College ID cards

You must present your active Flagler College ID card to borrow materials from the Proctor Library. You will be held responsible for all materials charged to your account.

Loan Periods

 Library Material For Students For Faculty and Staff Subject to Recall? Renewals allowed?
Books/Audiobooks 28 days End of current semester After 14 days Yes
CDs and DVDs 7 days 7 days After 5 days Yes
Laptops 1 day N/A No 1 renewal allowed
3-Hour Reserve Items 3 hours 3 hours No No
General Education Reserve Items 3 hours 3 hours No No
24-Hour Reserve Items 1 day 1 day No No
Graphing Calculators 1 day 1 day N/A 1 renewal allowed
Headphones 1 day 1 day No Yes


Books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs can be renewed in person, by telephone, or online via our Sierra system. Laptops, graphing calculators and headphones must be renewed in person at the Circulation Desk with your Flagler College ID card and are limited to 1 renewal per patron. Reserve items cannot be renewed.

NOTE: You must return all items to the Library at the completion of each semester. If you need any items for the next semester, you may renew them in person.

See the Library's renewal instructions.

Recalls and Holds

You may recall an item currently loaned to another borrower. The recall process generates an email notice to the borrower requesting the item be returned within 14 days (5 days for CDs and DVDs). You would request a recall whenever you need an item to be returned as soon as possible.

You may also place a hold on an item currently loaned to another borrower. The borrower will not be notified via email of the request, but will not be able to renew the item. When the item is returned, you will receive an email notifying you of its availability for pickup. You would request a hold for any item which you do not need not needed immediately.

Please ask a Library staff member for assistance on placing recalls or holds.

Overdue and Lost Item Fees

You will not be charged overdue fines for normal circulating items. However, you may be held responsible for losing an item (see below).

Overdue fines will be applied to recalled items, reserve items, Interlibrary Loan items, laptops, graphing calculators, and headphones.

Material Fine Replacement Fee
Recalled Items $1.00/day Per Item
Course Reserve Items $1.00/day Per Item
General Education Reserve Items $5.00/hour Per Item
Interlibrary Loan Items $1.00/day Per item
Laptops $15.00/day $1100.00
Graphing Calculators $5.00/day $110.00
Headphones $1.00/day $15.00

Courtesy and Overdue Notices

You will be emailed a courtesy notice 5 days before an item is due. This notice is simply a reminder to return or renew the item before the due date.

You will be emailed three overdue notices before an item is considered lost: 9 days after the due date, 18 days after the due date, and 27 days after the due date.

These email notices are sent as a courtesy. It is your responsibility to keep track of when items are due.

Lost Items and Billing

Any materials not returned (or overdue) 30 days beyond the initial due date are automatically considered lost. In this case we will send an email to your Flagler College email account and an alternate email if provided, informing you of the total amount due if the lost items are not returned to the Library. This amount consists of:

  1. Lost Item Processing fee: $10.00 for each item lost
  2. Lost Item Replacement cost: current list price for the item according to Amazon.com, or the currently established out-of-print charge
If you take no action within 10 days of receiving this email, the amount due will be forwarded to the Office of Business Services for final invoicing.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if:

  • Your fines exceed $50.00
  • A laptop or graphing calculator is not returned within 3 days of the due date
You must pay any outstanding fines to have borrowing privileges restored.

Disputing Fines

You should discuss a disputed notice or invoice with the Access Services Librarian, Caitlin Trachim, or with the Director of Library Services, Brian Nesselrode. If an appeal is found necessary, this can be presented to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Alan Woolfolk, for final resolution.

Who May Use the Library

Use of the Library and its resources is limited to students, staff, and faculty of Flagler College. Alumni may use the building, but are not granted check out privileges. See our Visitor Policy below for information about non-College affiliates using the Library.

Visitor Information

Access to and use of the Proctor Library is limited to Flagler College students, faculty, and staff. The Library is not open to the general public. Exceptions to this policy must be requested in writing. Person(s) wishing to use the library must submit a written request to:

Mr. Brian Nesselrode
Director of Library Services

Food and Drink

Food and drink are permitted in the Proctor Library under limited conditions. Covered drinks, packaged snacks, or small items of food in containers are permitted only in the Library's study areas. The Library reserves the right, however, to ban any food or drink that causes distraction for other library users or that might result in damage to library materials, furnishings or equipment. No food or drink is permitted at computer workstations or in the classrooms or labs.

Please discard all containers into appropriate waste cans and please clean up residue after consumption in order to assure a safe and clean environment for other library users. Commercial food deliveries inside the Library are prohibited.

Tobacco Products

The entire Library, including the external entry and exit doorway area, is a smoke and tobacco free environment. Smoking, or use of any tobacco product, is prohibited.

Noise and Behavior

Proctor Library provides an environment that supports both individual and group learning and research. It is the responsibility of all users of the Library to select an area the best fits the learning activity they wish to pursue and not disturb others. Within the Proctor Library, areas are designated as follows:

Limited Talking: Talking in normal conversational tones is permitted for group work and allows library users and staff to conduct normal library business. Limited talking areas include:

  • First floor - entire first floor, with the exception of the Research Room (Quiet Area)
  • Second floor - group study rooms, group study tables, and chair groupings on north and south ends. Exceptions are the two carrel groupings on the east side which are designated as Quiet Areas.
Quiet Study: Only quiet individual study with no talking is permitted in the designated Quiet Study areas. These include:
  • First floor - Research Room.
  • Second floor - Quiet Areas (two grouping of study carrels) on the east side.
In addition to above, all library users are asked to help maintain a studious environment by observing common sense rules of library behavior. Loud or disruptive users may be asked to leave to relocate inside the building or to leave the building at the discretion of the librarian on duty.

Unattended Items

The Library is not responsible for personal items left unattended, stolen, or vandalized. Keep personal items close at all times. Items of value left unattended may be removed and taken to Lost and Found (at the Circulation Desk or Security Office).

Cell Phones

Please set cell phones on vibrate (ringers turned off). In consideration of others, any necessary cell phone conversations should be conducted quietly and away from others who are studying.

Cleaning Up

Care should be taken to prevent the damaging or defacing of furniture, equipment or spaces in the Library. Study and work areas are to be left neat and clean when departing, with trash placed in trash receptacles and furniture returned to proper positions.

Appropriate Clothing

Appropriate clothing and footwear are required. Bathing suits are not considered proper attire.


No animals, except those used to assist patrons with disabilities, are allowed in the Library.

Skateboards and Bicycles

Use of rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards, and bicycles in the Library is prohibited.

Soliciting or Distributing Literature

Distribution of literature, any solicitation for donations, and all commercial ventures are prohibited.

Posting Signs

The Library has very limited space for posting of signs in the facility. Only signs directly related to Flagler College activities may be posted, and all postings must be approved the Director of Library Services Brian Nesselrode.

Study Rooms

The Library has eight group study rooms located on the second floor of the building. The following guidelines apply for students wishing to use the study rooms:

  • Keep door closed and keep sound at a reasonable level so other users outside the room are not disturbed or distracted.
  • Use of a group study room is first come, first served.  (Only exceptions are class sessions reserved by the Registrar, or study sessions attended by a faculty member.)
  • A group of two or more users has preference in use of the room.  Single users must give up the room to a group, or arrange to share the space.
  • Only covered drinks, packaged snacks, or small items of food in containers are permitted. The Library reserves the right to ban any food or drink that causes distraction for other library users or that might result in damage to library materials, furnishings or equipment. Commercial food deliveries are prohibited.
  • Please turn off electronic equipment before leaving, deposit trash in trash receptacle, and return furniture to original locations.
  • Any person or group who leaves the room unoccupied for more than 15 minutes will lose use of the room if another group is waiting to use it.
  • Keep personal items close at all times.  Items of value left unattended may be removed and taken to Lost and Found (at the Circulation Desk or Security Office).  The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the room.
  • Library staff has the right to refuse use of a group study room, if the Library’s Code of Conduct or other Library policies are violated.

Quiet Room and Areas

Room 133, aka the Quiet Room is a study room and computer lab that is maintained strictly as a silent study space for students wishing to work in an atmosphere of total quiet. In addition, the study carrels facing east (toward the ocean) on the second floor are maintained as silent spaces.

The rules of conduct for these areas are as follows:
  • These areas are reserved for quiet research and study only.
  • Please help maintain these areas as a quiet spaces.
  • Use of a cell phone is prohibited in these areas. Turn off ringer and take calls outside.
  • Audible electronic devices must be silenced.  Headphones can be used but volume must be closed controlled so not to be heard by others.
  • Research and study should be done alone when in these areas. Work with other students should take place in work spaces outside of these areas.
  • Avoid conversation in these areas.
  • Your cooperation will be appreciated by those using these areas.  The librarians have the right to refuse use of these areas if quiet is not maintained.
  • Repeated violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action.

Lost and Found

The Library staff is not responsible for items that are lost inside the building. As a courtesy to our patrons, we maintain a Lost and Found at the Circulation desk. At the end of each semester, all Lost and Found items are transferred to the Security Office in Ponce Hall.

Access to and use of the Proctor Library is limited to Flagler College students, faculty, and staff. The Library is not open to the general public. Exceptions to this policy must be requested in writing. Person(s) wishing to use the library must submit a written request to:

Mr. Brian Nesselrode
Director of Library Services

** We are not accepting donations at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be happy to receive donations again after the pandemic has safely passed. **

Please contact Ms. Jessie Rutland, Collection Development Librarian, with any questions regarding the donation of books or other materials at 904-826-8534 or jrutland@flagler.edu.

The Library welcomes gift materials and will add them to its collections if the gift materials support the mission of the Library by supporting the curriculum as space permits. All donations are subject to review. We consider subject relevance to the collections, physical condition and available storage space. Books and other materials given to the Proctor Library become the property of the Library. The Library reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment and other considerations relating to the use and disposition of gifts.

The most useful donations are new books and replacements for missing items that enrich the curriculum resources and support the missions of the Library and Flagler College. The Library does not collect duplicates, older paperbacks, or outdated textbooks.

The donor bears full responsibility for determining the value of the gift. Proctor Library staff will not provide appraisals of gifts to the collection, as Internal Revenue Code, Section 2512(c), "Valuation of Gifts" precludes the recipient from evaluating a gift. The donor should consult with his/her tax preparer for more information regarding "Noncash Charitable Contributions". The library will not pay for outside appraisers to evaluate gifts to the collection.

Donors are expected to bring the material to the Proctor Library. Materials may be brought in person by appointment or shipped to the Library.

Please Note:

The Proctor Library is a working college collection that is used heavily by students. The Library cannot function as an archive for personal papers, artists' works or personal book collections that require special housing.