Old Florida Tourism Digital Exhibit

We are happy to announce the release of our second new digital exhibit this year.


The Flagler College Archives has provided students real world experience by working on this project through an internship program. With their help, the Archives historic collection has expanded to include much more information about Henry Flagler’s other hotels outside of the Hotel Ponce de Leon, and other tourist destinations along the East Coast of Florida, giving visitors to our Digital Archives a broader perspective from the lenses of those who came to visit Florida over a century ago. We are still in the process of digitizing these materials and will be releasing new collections at the end of the fall and spring semesters upon completion of each internship. The collections which we are now featuring include St. Augustine tourist Photographs, Palm Beach and other Old Florida Photographs, and Old Florida Tourist Ephemera.

The images in these collections were provided by a private collector, Nicholas Christodoulidis, who was generous enough to allow the Flagler College Archives to digitize his collection and make those images available for research.

A photograph of the newly constructed Hotel Ponce de Leon. St. Augustine, Florida