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Welcome to the Special Collections

Special Collections was started in 2012. The collection is an extension of the Proctor Library's existing collection - a separation of books identified as not appropriate for general public access.

**Special Collections is accessible by appointment only.**

This collection is distinct from the Flagler College Archives which collects and preserves materials about the College, the Hotel Ponce de Leon, Henry Flagler and his family, Henry Flagler's enterprises, and photographs and documents related to St. Augustine's history.


This Instagram account is a joint project between the Special Collections and the Flagler College Archives departments to show some of the fun stuff in our collections. Enjoy!

Mission Statement

The Special Collections at Flagler College is committed to giving proper care to old, rare, valuable, or institutionally identified subject-specific books, and to educating the Flagler College community on the critical importance of studying, caring for, preserving, and the research value of these distinguished materials.


Donations to Special Collections are currently on the rise. Books make up 99.9% of the collection with the other .1% being magazines, letters, photographs, or other odd pieces of paper removed from books now in the collection. Contact the Special Collections Librarian if you have items in one of our identified areas of collecting interest under "Collections" that you believe is rare or valuable.

If your item(s) are more contemporary or does not match one of our collecting areas, please review our Donation Policy for the regular Circulating Collection and contact our Collection Development Librarian, Jessie Rutland, jrutland@flagler.edu, about donating to the Library. If you are interested in donating items related to the College, Henry Flagler, or the Hotel Ponce de Leon to the Flagler College Archives, please contact the College's Archives Specialist, Jolene DuBray Woodward, jdubray@flagler.edu.

Faculty/Staff/Student Books

If you are a Flagler College faculty member, staff member, alumnus, or current student and have written a book you would like included in the "Institutional Repository," donated and signed copies are preferred. Whether you donate, or if this is not possible we are happy to support you through purchasing a copy, please fill out the form below and email or Inter-Campus Mail the form to the Special Collections Librarian.

Articles and poems in magazines, literary journals, or scientific journals are not collected.

Requesting Access

  • For the safety of the collection, you will need to make an appointment or send Katherine Owens an email (kowens@flagler.edu) with your request. I will pull the book(s) you need to peruse.
  • Special Collections is a non-circulating collection; the items may not leave the building.
  • The Special Collections "Reading Room" as of Fall 2015 is a table is Miss Owens's office.
  • If you are a professor needing long-term access to an item, I will be more than happy to work with you to provide the needed access, without compromising the security of the item.

Special Collections Librarian

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Katherine Owens
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