Howdy! Welcome to the History Majors guide of Library Resources.

This is not a guide for research on a particular subject. For specialized assistance please visit a librarian at the Ask Here Desk. This guide gives suggestions on places or types of searches to help you find information regardless of topic. The tabs to the left will get you started.

What to make an appointment for one-on-one help? Please contact your liaison history librarian, Katherine Owens, at or 904-819-6485.

Title searching in the library's catalog requires you to enclose your title in quotation marks. For example you could search, "War and Peace" or "Oxford History of England". When searching for an exact title leave off the 'the,' the 'a' and the 'an' at the beginning of the title. 

Author searching is the same, only invert the author's name: "Maxwell, Leona" or "Graham, Thomas". In the library world, we organize people by their last name, not their first name.

Subject searching is a more targeted search than just typing words into a search bar. Subject terms are "official keywords" for a person, place, event, and/or historical time period. To find subject headings on your subject go to the Library of Congress LC Subject Headings search page. Once you find the official keywords to find books on your topic, you are able to use them in our catalog, for example "United States History Revolution, 1775-1783" or "Ponce de Leon Hall (Saint Augustine, Fla.)".

Just because we no longer have an advanced search feature does not mean you cannot create your own compound search. For example, you are doing a search on Plato: Plato and Greece; or Plato not Socrates. However, a compound search that includes a specific publication date range can now only be conducted from the results page of your search. 

This is the alphabetical list of the databases most useful to the history major:

African American Newspapers (1827-1998):
African American Newspapers, 1827-1998 provides online access to approximately 270 U.S. newspapers chronicling a century and a half of the African American experience.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection:
The premier library documenting the life of America’s people from the Colonial Era through the Civil War and Reconstruction, to provide digital access to the most comprehensive collection of American periodicals published between 1684 and 1912.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: Yes

American Periodical Series:
American Periodicals Series includes digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals published from colonial days to the dawn of the 20th century.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

Contrary to what you may think, this database does not provide access to articles or papers. It does however tell you which universities, archives, museums own what manuscript collections.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

Biography Reference Bank:
Contains biographical information on approximately half a million people, from antiquity to the present, along with thousands of images.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: Yes

Chicago Manual of Style:
This has the complete text of the Chicago Manual of Style. Both the Table of Contents and the Index are hyperlinked, allowing you to move from one section to another.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine:
A digital archive of primary source materials that document the history of St. Augustine’s civil rights movement.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: Yes

Films on Demand:
Instant 24/7 access to thousands of high-quality television programs, documentaries, and educational films covering all subject areas.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

Flagler College Digital Archives:
The Digital Archives consists of Flagler College yearbooks, college catalogs, the Flagler Review magazine, and a selection of photographs ranging from the late 19th century to the present.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

HathiTrust is a partnership of academic and research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

History Vault:
Primary source collection that includes government, organizational, and personal files covering the history of African-Americans in the United States between 1910 to the early 1980’s. FBI files and NAACP files are included.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

Issues & Controversies in American History
Delivers dynamic, concise, and balanced coverage that provides the background, outcome, and contemporary points of view for every major debate and conflict in American history.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

Our only database dedicated solely to scholarly literature with articles in the fields of history, politicial science, archaeology, art history, anthropology, literature and languages, music, and more; however, JSTOR usually is unable to provide access to the most recently published articles.

Has Peer Reviewed: Yes
Searchable in Discovery: Yes

New York Times 1851 – Present:
Create an account using your Flagler email address and enjoy access to the entirety of the New York Times from 1851 to today. PLEASE NOTE: At this time, access to articles from the date range 1923 to 1980 is limited is limited to 5 articles per day per user.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No

Project MUSE:
Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content.

Has Peer Reviewed: Yes
Searchable in Discovery: Yes

SAGE Premier:
Provides access to over 600 journal titles in business, humanities, social sciences, and science, technology and medicine with backfile to 1999.

Has Peer Reviewed: Yes
Searchable in Discovery: Yes

A powerful database that includes the book collections of over 70,000 libraries in the world. Most useful as pre-research to doing an Inter-Library Loan request.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No


Not all websites are equal! Many private, governmental, or collegiate organizations have put together fine websites that provide online, usually free, access to primary or secondary resources. This list is not complete, but representative of some of the better online collections.



Abraham Lincoln: A Resource Guide

American Journeys: Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration and Settlement; A Digital Library and Learning Center

American Memory
This name is so iconic that it is a shame the Library of Congress is phasing it out. To search the old American Memory content, and other digital collections, please note the new name, Library of Congress: Digital Collections.

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas:  A Visual Record
Over 1200 scanned images related to the slave trade and life in Africa and the Americas formally hosted by UVa, now at the LofC.

Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South
Transcripts and recordings of interviews with men and women from between the 1890's to 1950's.

Bibliography of British and Irish History

Biblioteca Digital Ciudad Seva - Sobre el Arte de Narrar

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed
Maintained by the University of Washington, Seattle, this site provides information about the African diaspora.

British Battles

British History Online

The British Library

The Browning Letters
A partnership between Wellesley and Baylor Universities to digitize the letters Robert and Elizabeth Browning wrote one another as well as other pertinent letters.

Casgliad y Werin Cymru: Peoples' Collection Wales

Chronicling America: Historical American Newspapers
From the Library of Congress this site provides limited full-text access to American newspapers between 1860-1922, and general information on newspapers back to 1690.

The Circus in America: 1793-1940

Digital History Project
Hosted at the University of Nebraska, this website helps explain and explore what a digital history project entails.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World

dLOC: Digital Library of the Caribbean

Duke University Libraries Digital Collections

Aggregate website listing resources or digital collections from both sides of the Atlantic dealing with the late Middles Ages through the early modern period.

Europeana: 1914-1918
Primary sources digitized and freely available online from countries around Europe documenting the WWI experience.

Expeditions and Discoveries: Sponsored Exploration and Scientific Discoveries in the Modern Age
The stated purpose of this site is to provide access to some of the materials gathered from various expeditions sponsored by Harvard University.

Explore Collections
Primary Sources at Harvard University.

FAMSI: Foundation for the Advancement of MesoAmerican Studies, Inc.

The Florida Historical Society

Florida Memory: Photographs

Florida Memory: State Library & Archives of Florida

Florida Museum of Natural History

Sponsored by, this subscription based website provides access to military records.

Genocide Archive of Rwanda

The Gilder Lehmann Institute of American History

The Great Depression Interviews

Global Gateway: World Cultures & Resources
The Global Gateway provides online access to some of the Library of Congress's vast collections about other countries. Not all links on this site remain within the Library of Congress.

The Green Book
Free access provided by the New York Public Library for 23 years of the Green Book published between 1936 and 1967. This guide book was intended for the use of vacationing African-Americans.

Les Guillotines de la Revolution Francaise
This site lists the names of all/almost all those guillotined during the Fr. Revolution, and includes what is known such as dates or place of residence. Some ability to read in French will be needed.

British Parliament Papers

The Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Online
First-person refugee accounts from Soviet-controlled-areas between 1917 and the 1940's. The entire collection is NOT available online, but there are 705 interviews in addition to the manuals and finding aids.

The Hemingway Papers
Access to full-text of articles that Hemingway wrote while a coorespondent for the Toronto Star, 1920-1924.

Historical Maps of the United States

Historical Mexican & Mexican American Press
Select Spanish language newspapers from Mexico, Arizona, California, and Texas from the 1880s through the 1970s.

Ibero-American Electronic Text Series

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Lanic: Latin American Network Information Center

The Library of Congress

Latin American and Caribbean Government Documents Project

Latin American Collection

LAOAP: Providing Access to Latin American Grey Literature

London Lives: 1690 to 1800


Making of America
Another change in the world of iconic website names for history! This resource has been merged into HathiTrust. This collection provides access to 19th century American books and journal articles.

Making of America - University of Michigan
This part of the MoA does not appear to be moving to HathiTrust. Again, coverage is 19th century American books and journals.

Making the History of 1989: The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
Maintained by George Mason University, this website includes 300 primary resources from 21 countries in addition to essays, teaching modules, and case studies.

NAACP: A Century in the Fight for Freedom, 1909-2009
From the Library of Congress providing limited  access to their vast collection on the Civil Rights Movement.

National Archives (USA)

The National Archives (Great Britain)

The National Archives: The Cabinet Papers
The British Cabinet Papers from 1915-1978 are available online from the British National Archives. In addition, informational essays, maps of the world from 1900 to 2000, and more.

The National Security Archive: Latin American Projects

The New York Public Library Digital Collections

Our Documents
A website created through the help of the National History Day, the National Archives & Records Administration and the USA Freedom Corps, this site provides access to what they call 100 milestone documents in American history.

PALMM: Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials; State University Libraries of Florida

Papers of the War Department: 1784-1800
Thought destroyed by a fire in the War Office in 1800, many scholars spent more than 10 years in the late 20th and early 21st century visiting libraries and archives in the U.S. and Europe to find and digitize around 55,000 of the documents presumed lost. The headquarters for this project is George Mason University in Virginia.

Los Poetas

P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History

Political Database of the Americas

Site in German and English for doing research on Ancient Greece and Rome.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913

Proyecto Sherezade: Publicando Cuentos de Todo el Mundo de Habla Hispana Desde 1996

September 11, 2001 Oral History Projects

Small Town Newspapers

Southeast Asia Visions: A Collection of Historic Travel Narratives
Hosted by Cornell University, this site provides access to some of the narratives and photographs taken by Europeans visiting southeast Asia.

State Archives of Florida

St. Augustine Historical Society: Research Library

St. Augustine History
Although this site is part of the larger commercial site,, this portion provides full-text access to some wonderful primary resources about St. Augustine, including articles, books, maps, and sundry other information.

Texas Slavery Project

TOL: 20 Years After; Life Beyond Communism in Central and Eastern Europe
Almost all the articles were written in 2009 to correspond with the "fall" of communism in Europe and documents the thoughts, feelings, and reflections of some of the people who lived through that time. Some of the articles are updates on what has happened in select countries or to political leaders since 1989.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database: Voyages
Of the over 40,000 slaver voyages from Africa to the Americas, approximately 35,000 voyages are included with lists of names, places of origin, and other facts about the people transported for about 95% of British slavers and most French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian slavers. The voyages covered are from 1514-1866, but coverage is spotty at different time periods or for different countries.

Tudor England
Although called "Tudor England" this site focuses on Henry the VIII and his wives and famous personages who lived in England at that time. Scanned images of painting done of the royals, etc., are included as are some primary sources and biographies of each person featured on the site. Related to this site is one focusing on Queen Mary I, i.e., Mary Tudor.
More complete for covering the history of the age than "Tudor History" (but not the Kings and Queens), this site provides information on not only the Tudors, but genealogy, maps, pictures, architecture, and popular culture (stories, movies) about the 16th-century, and access to further information.

UFDC: University of Florida Digital Collections

University of Florida Map & Imagery Library
This site provides access to part of the University's map collection. It is touted as one of the top 5 map collections in the United States and includes everything from historical to contemporary, and satellite maps. Florida is the main foci.

UNRV: History of Ancient Rome

Veterans History Project: A Project of the American Folklore Center at the Library of Congress

The Vietnam Center and Archive
This is a genealogical website with both free and member access to documents such as marriage, birth, death, land records, census, newspaper articles, etc.

The following two databases are digital collections of materials pertinent to St. Augustine and hosted here in the Proctor Library.

Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine:
A digital archive of primary source materials that document the history of St. Augustine’s civil rights movement.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: Yes

Flagler College Digital Archives:
The Digital Archives consists of Flagler College yearbooks, college catalogs, the Flagler Review magazine, and a selection of photographs ranging from the late 19th century to the present.

Has Peer Reviewed: No
Searchable in Discovery: No


For questions about the Civil Rights Library, please contact Blake Pridgen,

For questions about the Flagler College Digital Archives, please contact the Archives Specialist, Jolene DuBray,

Please access our Citation Guide using the link below. Our Citation Guide contains numerous examples on using the Chicago citation system for writing papers and citing sources.